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Sales agent Dashboard:

The best way to stay organized and proactive in the hypercompetitive industry is with an interactive sales dashboard.

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Easy step-by-step enrolment:

No frills interface that guides you through automated steps towards enrolment.

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Geo Location Tracking:

Monitor attributes of your field sales team, like real-time location, meeting notes, and distance traveled, to optimize field sales.

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Contactless Signature:

Sign contracts without having to exchange paper or touch a Sales Rep’s tablet or smartphone

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Digital Signature:

Electronic signatures provide authenticity and ensure that the signature is verified

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Agent Tracking:

Real-time monitoring effectively tracks agent productivity, analyzes performance, and monitors compliance.

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Photo, ID, and Invoice Capture:

Enhanced data accuracy and reduced back-office cost and time investment by streamlining documentation and organizing data.

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An audio recording at the door:

Authenticate your sales’ credibility on the go.

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Agent Enrolment Radius:

Discover the agent’s sales position and the distance between the sales rep and the customer.

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Secure App:

Maintain and protect sensitive data from leaks and data manipulation.

Simple Yet
Powerful Features

Customize the Portal to Match Your Branding
and Make it Fit into Your Business Seamlessly.

Webform – Telemarketing

Sales agent Dashboard: Comprehensive client dashboard that includes all the aspects of vendor and geo location level.

Customers can review the contract and digital sign – MD State requirement

Agent location tracking: Real-time monitoring effectively tracks agent productivity, analyzes performance, and monitors compliance.

Easy step-by-step enrolment:

Client Portal:


Custom Dashboards: Custom dashboards enable you to monitor multiple metrics.

Custom reporting: Custom reports empower you to delve deeper into the analytics and allow you to pull
out crucial information.

TPV receipts: Direct access to stored customer answers and IP addresses.

Self-Service: Real-time update pricing, scripts, and enrolment fields.

Sale Vendor management: Turn teams/sales reps on and off in seconds.

Realtime Ticket Support System: Raise a ticket request and solve it directly via Freshdesk IT Support Team.

Account Manager – white glove service: TBD

Customize The Client Portal To Match Your Preferences And The Way You Work

1. Enrolment Report: View all enrolment data in a list view, including sales center data, customer data, enrolment data, sales data, TPV data, etc. A client user can easily check and download the report in CSV and xlsx format.

2. Lead Detail Report: Get a 360-degree view of your sales activity. It’s the perfect way to help you track and analyze your performance to make smarter decisions and grow your business.

3. Alert/Fraud Report: Detects fraudulent activity and sends alerts instantly via custom email lists.

4. Call Recordings: Provides all call recordings for a respective enrolment ID. Listen to and download TPV call recordings at a centralized place.

5. Contract Delivery Report: You can send out contracts to customers on behalf of the client, store all agreements in the portal for easy access, and more.

6. API Report: The system will show the API details, including the status of an outgoing API request.

  1. If a client requests, Send TPV lead details to the client via a real-time outgoing API.
  2. Show the lead-wise status of the API request.
  3. The Detailed view of a particular lead’s API request data, which includes, Status, Lead ID, Response, URL, status code, and requested data (Json codes).
  4. A user can export the report in CSV and xlsx format.

7. VoIP Report: Check VoIP numbers with a single tap and debar specific VoIP numbers for enrolment and third-party verification.

8. Distance Report: Get the exact distance between the customer and the field rep during the transaction.

9. Sales Agent Trail: Track field rep’s live location via breadcrumb trail.

TPV360 is the only solution that provides an end-to-end view of the customer journey and automates the entire process.

It also provides real-time insights into customer behaviour and helps you make better decisions.

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