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TPV360 is built to plug in the missing gaps of existing platforms and evolve the experience of third-party verification

TPV360 - Experience the Modernization of Verification

Our Story

We are a division of the well-established customer experience technology company & global contact center, ContactPoint 360. After spending over a decade of servicing various clients in deregulated industries in North America, we decided to build a platform to plug gapping holes in third-party verification system.

TPV360 is built in-house and on the cloud with a secure mobile application for android & iOS platforms. We complemented our sector expertise with interviews from multiple stakeholders across the industry to create a next-generation TPV platform.

TPV360 allows a compliant, seamless & secure sales experience across tele, door-to-door and retail outlets, at optimized costs.

Our Team

A power-packed team of developers, industry experts,

and operational genes are leading the new wave of third-party

verification at TPV360.

Mark Rodrigue

SVP, Sales and Partnership Development
Mark brings?20 years of senior Sales and Operations management experience and is an expert growing and developing contact center services?through traditional channels?and through new?technology solution integration.

Adrian Barry

Director of Sales & Client Success

Adrian brings 15 years of sales and client success experience, this has allowed Adrian to enjoy technical and personable conversations when selling a new technology solution and onboarding new clients. Combine those skills with a strategic solutions-based sales mentality.
TPV360 is a powerful, cloud-based software that helps you make better decisions, exceed revenue targets, and run programs free of waste, fraud, and abuse.

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